Using photographs in marketing materials is an essential tool in promoting any business and its products or services. Eye-catching pictures have their own narrative and can be as persuasive as words. For attention-grabbing quality, you will gain a real advantage by using professional commercial photography.

In a competitive world businesses need images for all kinds of situations. Having beautiful photographs for your website, advertisements, brochures, publicity leaflets and social media posts will place your branding and identity at the forefront of people’s minds. A professional commercial photographer will work with you to get to know your product or services and to understand your ambitions so they can perfectly capture the essence of your business.

Commercial photography is an essential tool in business promotion. Brightsouth employs an experienced commercial photographer who holds a broad portfolio of impressive work. When arranging a photoshoot, he will engage in a conversation to find out exactly what you hope to achieve with your new images.

Commercial photoshoots are carried out to a brief. This is produced following a conversation between the photographer and the client and will include what pictures are being taken and where, any timescales, and the budget. The end use and aims and objectives of the pictures need to be discussed as the photographer will be keen to perfectly represent these in the images. For a successful photoshoot, communication is key and the most important aspect of arranging commercial photography. A good relationship between the photographer and client will produce the most satisfactory outcome. You will be guided by our photographer who will also explain about your rights to reproduce the images and will usually issue a licence.

Brightsouth's in-house highly experienced commercial photographer has worked with all types of businesses from start-ups to global brands and is a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP). All forms of commercial photography, including portrait photography, lifestyle photography, event photography and location photography, can be carried out anywhere in the world.

Commercial Photography Services

Here are some of our commercial photography services, if the service you require isn't listed please get in touch.

Commercial Portrait Photography

Portrait photography covers a whole range of possibilities. Portraits can be for private use or are used by businesses to introduce its people to potential customers. These latter portraits need to tell a story that says you can trust us and our business. Brightsouth’s professional photographer has worked with top brands and celebrities and is skilled at putting the sitter or sitters at ease, the best way to get the perfect picture.

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Commercial lifestyle photography produces pictures that tempt, that say to people, you too can have this look or product. Location, lighting, positioning is all important with this kind of photography so engaging a skilled professional for your lifestyle photography needs is a sound investment. Brightsouth’s photographer will ensure that you have a portfolio of brilliant pictures to use as the perfect basis for promotional success.

Commercial Event Photography

Holding an event, whatever the size is exciting and fun, and a skilled professional photographer will ensure that the essence of the occasion is recorded for posterity in a series of beautiful pictures. People are at the core of any event and capturing their reactions to what is happening or being offered needs the keen eye of someone experienced in the reportage style of photography. Brightsouth’s in-house photographer has the skills to offer the best in commercial event photography.

Team Photography

Teamwork should be celebrated and what better way than to have a photographic record of a great team. It could be a junior sports team winning their first cup or a team of businesspeople celebrating winning a big contract. Team photography isn’t just about line ups, they can be fun and the best way to get the ultimate team picture is to engage a professional. Brightsouth’s in-house photographer is skilled at putting people at their ease and ensuring everyone is engaged and joining in to make the best of your team photography.

Editorial Photography

Media editors are always on the lookout for amazing images to accompany the stories and features in publications such as newspapers and magazines, and they need these on a regular basis. These images can be a single shot but are often a series of pictures on whatever theme the article covers. This unique set of photographs can also include that all-important front cover, the one picture that shouts, ‘pick me up!’. To have the best chance for your story’s picture being selected, then commissioning professional editorial photography will give you the edge over your competitors.

Press Release Photography

A good press release makes the journalist sit up and take notice, if it has a great picture with it, then it can make headline news. Newspapers and magazines, whether physical or online, need images to fill their pages and make them interesting. Good press release photography tells the story, it can be serious or quirky, posed, or styled to be eye-catching and that takes the skill and experience of someone like Brightsouth’s commercial photographer.

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Commercial Photography FAQs

In the world we live in, online presence is more important than it has ever been, your website is your shopfront. In order to showcase your business in the light it deserves, a professional photographer will plan collaboratively with you to ensure your photographs tell the true story of your brand through a series of eye-catching images.
Postponements are not a problem at all in the days leading up to a shoot, we understand that these things happen. Cancellations will depend on the amount of preparation and planning given to the production of the shoot.
In the planning stages, we will discuss how we can create images to best support your business, and which platforms the photographs are to be used and for what timescales. Although the photographer owns the original copyright of the images, we can discuss options as to whether you would like exclusive use of the images so they remain personal to you. The final photographs are yours to use for the purposes agreed.
The images are created for your company, you do not therefore need to credit us when you present images. If you are happy to leave a review or post on social media highlighting our photography services, then that would be fantastic.
Commercial Photography Questions

If you have any questions about our Commercial Photography service, please send us a message below and we will get back to you as soon as we can