Professional images are a must to promote your goods and services and if you are looking for commercial photography in Christchurch Brightsouth has a talented photographer who can capture your story in unforgettable pictures.

Quality images are needed for a whole range of promotional materials from large roadside billboards to websites and flyers. These pictures need to work in an instance, to make the viewer recall it and want to find out more. A professional commercial photographer will take time to get to know you, your business, and your ambitions then discuss how best to illustrate these in pictures. The shots can be taken indoors or outdoors and be close ups, people, or objects.

Commercial photography is another investment in your business or enterprise and if you are looking to engage a professional commercial photographer, we have the right person. Brightsouth’s in-house photographer has many years’ experience and is a Fellow of the British Institute of Photography (FBIPP). He has worked with individuals and companies from sole traders to global brands and works directly with the business or with their agencies.

Brightsouth’s in-house photographer holds a portfolio of impressive work and is highly experienced in many aspects of commercial photography from event and location work to portrait and lifestyle photography.

Successful commercial photography comes from well-planned photoshoots and these begin with a discussion between client and photographer. This consultation will look primarily at what the client wants from the images and what they hope to achieve. Once this has been ascertained aspects such as timescale and budget are considered.

Photoshoots cover an infinite range of options, depending on the product, service, or aspect they are promoting. Locations can vary from indoors on a table to travelling abroad for a specific outdoor location. This will be informed by the project’s aims and objectives, and of course the budget. The principal objective is to create images that portray their subject to convey a message. This can be anything from a delicious plate of food for a restaurant promotion to a ‘buy me’ image of anything from a lampshade to the latest luxury car.

The key to success is engaging the best photographer. Brightsouth’s in-house photographer has many years’ experience and is a Fellow of the British Institute of Photography (FBIPP). He has worked with individuals and companies from sole traders to global brands along with royalty and celebrities.

Commercial Photography Services Christchurch

Here are some of our commercial photography services, if the service you require isn't listed please get in touch.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a broad description for photography that captures people and is for personal use or to use in a commercial situation. Examples of personal portraits can be family groups or special occasions or single pictures. Commercial portrait photography includes groups such as boards of governors, employees, or individuals such as actors, authors or company directors; the list is extensive.

If you are looking for a top-class photographer to undertake commercial portrait photography in Christchurch, you need someone who can put people at their ease. Many people don’t enjoy having their picture taken, so engaging a professional with plenty of experience will ensure a set of pictures that are perfect for your needs. Why not give Brightsouth a call?

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Brochures, catalogues, magazines, and advertisements are examples of some of the situations that require commercial lifestyle photography. This type of photography is designed to create an image of products, services and places that will make people take a second look. Lifestyle photography is designed to attract, to portray a way of life to aspire to and to get the right shot takes professional know-how.

As with all commercial photography, purpose and budget are starting points in an initial consultation to ensure the client gets absolute value. Brightsouth’s expert photographer has the experience to produce a portfolio of brilliant pictures whatever your situation.

Commercial Event Photography

Capturing the perfect record of an event is not only a wonderful way to look back on good times, but is also very useful for promoting future events. Events come in all kinds, inside, outside, village hall to large stadia. The subject can be anything from sports, music and food festivals, country shows of crafts and animals to corporate events such as award ceremonies. Anyone who has organised an event knows how much hard work goes into ensuring the day or days go perfectly so do not forget to arrange commercial event photography.

Brightsouth’s professional commercial event photographer is experienced in a type of photography called reportage and this is an excellent form for any event. As with most commercial photography the end use of the pictures is an important consideration, so why not get in touch and start a conversation.

Team Photography

For anyone wanting a record of a group of people that will encapsulate their achievements, team photography by a professional is the way to go. It may be a picture of a group of colleagues, adults, or children or mixed, whatever the situation, there’s a skill to team photography. People in groups interact, they may not all be looking in the same direction at the same time and if they are, they might have their eyes closed or in an unflattering stance. Some people dislike having their picture taken and groups of people can be excited, so putting people at their ease is key to team photography.

Group photographs can be the traditional line ups or casually posed, it depends upon the desired end product, and what the picture is needed for. Brightsouth’s in-house photographer has a flair for photographing people by creating a relaxed atmosphere ensuring the perfect shot. So, if you are looking for team photography in Christchurch, do get in touch.

Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is essential for any news or magazine media. Pictures taken depict the story it accompanies in one image. Occasionally, a photograph is so good it needs no words. Editorial is not restricted to news but is any article and can be about a product or service, a place, or people. Editors are always on the lookout for great images to fill their pages, and they need to do this on a regular basis. Editorial photography is needed for newspapers, magazines, print or online and is in demand. If editors get to know they can rely on you to supply these, you have the edge over your competitors and the best way to do this is with professional editorial photography.

Press Release Photography

Press releases are sent to news desks in their hundreds and to have an eye-catching image to go alongside it can make the difference between your story being selected for use over a similar one by a competitor. Even better, a great image may be selected for a page lead, or even the front page. Using professional press release photography offers an advantage for any enterprise. Having the experience to know what kind of photograph will capture the essence of a news story is a skill gained over time. Brightsouth’s commercial photographer can give your story a great chance of being covered by providing a brilliant photograph.

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